Rookwood Ceramic

These classic pieces of art are fired in Cincinnati by Rookwood Pottery.

One of the most-coveted luxury brands in America during the 20th century, Rookwood's art pottery and architectural designs are renowned for their brilliance and quality. In Cincinnati, Rookwood's studio was the center of cultural life and a popular tourist destination. It was what every visiting celebrity and dignitary wanted to see, it was where every art student dreamed of working. It was the place that put Cincinnati, Ohio, and America on the international artistic map. Today, Rookwood Pottery provides artisan-quality products - architectural faience tile, art pottery, corporate gifts, and special commissions - to designers, architects, homeowners, and businesses. By combining its extraordinary attention to detail, a team of internationally celebrated artists, and a proud history of excellence, Rookwood continually sets the standard for what design and ceramics can achieve today.

All Rookwood Pottery items are hand-crafted and many are produced in small runs. Though we do our very best to fulfill your order, occasionally a piece in a particular glaze may be unavailable.

Most items are in stock, but special orders and back-orders take 12 weeks for delivery.