How We Do It

The first step in Fabulous Frames & Art's discovery process is a discovery meeting. In this meeting our experienced art consultants will learn about your needs. Our consultants will begin to understand:
  • Your brand, mission, vision, and values.
  • Your facility and possible art locations.
  • Your budget, timelines, and expectations.
Based on the initial information gained in the discovery meeting, our consultants will work with our design team to start to build an art solution for you. They will begin to pull together options of:
  • Imagery that fits your company's brand.
  • Framing that matches your space.
  • Selections that meet your budget requirements.
Art Reviews
After primary options are ready for your input, an art consultant will present and review the selections with you in a set of meetings that we call the Initial Art Review and a Final Art Review. Your interaction in these meetings is key to our team perfecting the final solution that will be installed in your space. The goals of these meetings are:
  • Initial Art Review - Receive your feedback on the presented options and to make adjustments to the overall solution.
  • Final Art Review - Review the adjustments made after the initial review and readying the selections for production.
Once the final selections have been made, our production team steps in and begins the process of:
  • Procuring the approved posters, prints, or originals from artists and wall-décor vendors.
  • Following the specifications discovered in the previous steps by you and your design team.
  • Taking the steps to piece together all the parts that will be displayed in your space.
When the art is ready to hang, our shipping and installation team get involved in the process. After working with an art consultant to set an install date that meets your company's deadline, our shipping and installation professionals will:
  • Securely pack your art so it is delivered undamaged.
  • Arrange for a delivery method that gets your art where it needs to go on time.
  • Work with our network of professional installers to hang your art to the original design specifications.
Many art vendors end their process once the art is hung on the walls, but not Fabulous Frames & Art. We remain a trusted art partner that can assist our clients with:
  • Reconfiguring and redeploying your current art collection to reinvent your space.
  • Reframing old artwork, giving it a fresh look and a new life.
  • Repairing any damages that may occur to your new collection over time.